Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 25, 2014

          “My realm of existence is beyond your imagination.  I hear your words and your thoughts in every moment of your existence.  As you ask, I give to you all that you need to be perfected into another Christ on earth.  This is My will for you – your sanctification.  This is My delight – your holiness.  As you surrender your earthly existence into My hands, I create a heavenly being living on the earth.  I re-create you into the image of Jesus, the firstborn of many brethren.  The cells of your body change.  The corruptible becomes incorruptible.  Your soul is transformed into a thing of incomparable beauty.  The glory of the Lord divinizes your being.

          All these things are hidden from your humanity.  All takes place in the realm of spirit, My realm.  As the sea hides the world of activity in its depths, so do I hide My icons of grace from the prying eyes of man, who always looks for the spectacular and ostentatious.

          My greatest works are done in secret, hidden from the eyes of the world.  I use the smallest, the littlest, the least, the most unnoticed to show forth My glory.  “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  My glory erupts from the nothingness of the creature when this nothingness is acknowledged by the creature.

          Proud souls are odious to Me.  I can do nothing with them.  My heart is drawn out to the simple, the child-like, the pure in heart.  With these little ones, I will change the world.

          Seek Me in the humble things on earth, for I am not in the spectacles of man’s achievements.  I am hidden in the lowly, the meek, the deserted and the unknown.  There you will find Me radiantly shining forth in all My glory.  Become nothing to become everything in My eyes.”

Lowly One of God

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