Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 18, 2014

          “Ye have not because ye ask not.”  Only those who ask, receive.  What are you to ask for?  Ask Me for the gift of faith, for the gift to love, for the gift of My eternal grace.  You need My grace to be holy.  Of yourself, you are dust which cannot rise on its own.  I am the God who enables you to exist.  My grace has created you.  My grace sustains you.

          Come into My throne room, adoring My majesty.  As a servant humbly knows his place, come before Me begging Me to pour My grace out upon you.  I created you for love.  I desire your love, freely given.  When you come to Me asking Me for grace to love Me more, how My heart rejoices in My loving child.

          So many of My children have used their free wills to hate Me, to slander Me, to blaspheme My name.  How this grieves the heart of such a tender Father.  Like the father of the prodigal son, I wait eagerly for the return of My children.  I had to let them choose their own path, but how heartbroken I am that they choose desolation when I have so much love to give them.

          Do you love Me, My children?  If you do, then you will trust My judgment and you will obey My will for you.  I am forming you into holy vessels of love, icons of grace to be displayed in the heavens eternally.  You shall live with Me forever in My home of light.

          You need My grace to endure so much opposition in life.  The world is headed in the opposite direction.  You cannot stand in your own strength.  Ask Me for grace and I will gladly give it to you.  My grace will strengthen you.  It will lead and guide you through treacherous paths.  My grace will make you beautifully holy.  Your light will shine brightly in this dark world.

          Come boldly to My throne of grace, that I may give you the gifts you need to walk before me in grace and truth.  You will bear the mark of a holy “saint in light”, a grace bearer.”
Jesus, Grace Giver

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