Tuesday, July 21, 2015

September 7, 2014

          “Purity of heart makes the soul so lovely in My eyes.  There is so much wickedness and degradation on earth, so much compromise with evil, even among My elect souls.  It pains My heart to see such alliances with evil.  Unknowingly, souls walk the earth with Satan, doing his works.  His works are works of destruction and chaos, wars and havoc.  He seeks to destroy the human race, wiping out every remnant of My goodness.  His evil heart has no capacity for love, forgiveness or mercy.  He preys on the weak to make them like himself.  He lifts up a soul in the eyes of the world, only to then push him off a cliff, abandoning that soul to the wolves.  He deceives by using flattery, glamour, beauty, and pride.  His allures catch the innocent unawares.  They are dragged down by his enticements until they become only a remnant of what they were created to be.

          All these homeless people on the street, many addicted to drugs and alcohol, were a beautiful thought in My mind.  I had a divine plan for them to fulfill, a unique holy mission on earth.  That is why they were created.  Unfortunately, they turned away from Me and became ensnared with the traps of Satan which appeared fun and enjoyable, satisfying the earthly appetites.  Yet over time, these games brought them to ruin and shipwreck.  They sit by the waysides begging for money to buy alcohol to anesthetize their pain.  The world has given up on them.  They appear to be hopeless cases.  Many of these souls have praying mothers waiting for their return to life.

          These are the traps of the world.  People are falling into these pits in unheard of numbers.  They are not being instructed or warned against the predator of souls.  There is no light to guide them, no human example of righteousness set before them to cause them to stop to examine their goings.

          Turn back, O souls!  Satan will destroy you.  He does not care for your souls as I do.  I have done everything to save you from eternal death.  Return to Me and live, I implore you.”

Gatherer of the Wounded

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