Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015

          “Holy souls are souls filled with my love.  My love permeates everything they do and say.  Their tongue is dipped in the perfume of My love.  They look at all things on earth through My eyes of love.

          When love enters a room, the energy changes.  The earth is enveloped in a deep darkness, a cloudy overshadowing, hiding the celestial light that surrounds the earth.  Love is the light of God reflected through a human channel which illuminates the darkness, leading souls to the light which is vanishing from the earth.

          These souls of light are placed in strategic places throughout the globe.  They light up the corners of the earth, allowing souls to glimpse the celestial passageways that have been blocked by sinful lifestyles.  These souls of light are the instruments I use to open the doors for captive hearts.

          The world lies in the power of the Evil One.  Even though I have triumphed over sin and evil, the warfare continues until the final day of redemption.  The warrior souls of the light-filled ones are carrying on the battle on earth.  They fight in the darkness and obscurity of the physical realm.  Their weapons are spiritual arms.  The obscurity and confusion of the battle confuses and perplexes them, but they fight on, following their leader, Jesus, the King of Light.

          Let the light fill you by spending time in My presence.  I inhabit the praises of My people and the more you get to know Me, the more you will praise Me, the more you will love Me. 
          Things are not what they seem, My children.  You are in a war zone.  This is not the time to seek amusements and entertainment.  The battle prize is the eternal souls of men.  Every soul will look into the face of God and give an account for his life on earth.

          “Ephraim turned back in the day of battle …”  Please do not be in the company of Ephraim.  Be strong in My power.  I lead the troops out.  Follow behind Me without fear.  I have already won the victory.  We are just playing out the warfare.”

Warrior of Love

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