Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 18, 2015

          “Streams and streams of graces are falling from heaven upon My little souls on earth that send up their loving words and deeds on earth.  I cannot but pour Myself out on My faithful, loving children.  My heart is drawn out to them, embracing them, loving them, sending glorious gifts and graces to them.  They do not have to earn My love.  Just being a sincere little child draws forth the greatest graces from My storehouse of glorious gifts.

          My peace and My joy inundate them.  My radiance is reflected in their faces.  My fragrance surrounds each of their steps.  My lovingkindness envelops them as a halo of light which makes the paths plain before them.  My love compels Me to drown them in My goodness.  We become united and live as one on earth.

          Don’t you see that I choose the little and the weak to magnify and glorify My Father’s creative love?  I do not look for greatness or grandeur.  I look for simplicity, purity, humility and a docile spirit.  The more childlike you are, the more I condescend to your littleness to inhabit all of you.

          I am “Jesus of the Little Children.”  I am surrounded by My little children of predilection.  They are attending My school of holiness.  The kindergarteners are My most treasured.  They still have that pure gaze of innocence and wonder.  How I love to impress them with My Father’s beauties and glorious deeds!

          Come to Me, My little ones.  Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and simple with Me.  These are the characteristics of all souls in the kingdom of heaven.  The littler you become, the more I inhabit your being.  Rest in My arms like one of the littlest ones in My kingdom.  I will take care of everything in your life!”



Child Lover


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