Thursday, June 25, 2015

May 28, 2015

          “The generosity of God is overlooked and seldom praised.  So much on earth is taken for granted by man.  He assumes that all will continue as it has from the dawn of eternity.  His thoughtlessness and ingratitude steal his inheritance reserved in heaven.

          Life is a stage, a play enacted by mankind, a spectacle to angels and the hosts of heaven.  The redemption of humanity by an incomprehensible God is looked at in awe and wonder by myriads of spirits in the eternal world.  That God would come to earth in human flesh is shocking and elusive to their understanding.  They stand in awe of a mystery so great and unspeakable.  They are astonished that man has despised this great gift.  How blinded and dull the hearts of mankind!

          God’s glory is despised and trampled upon, even blasphemed incessantly.  What great patience and condescension God extends to depraved humanity!

          The drama continues unabated through the centuries.  Unknown saints traverse history, few and far between.  The masses march in hordes to eternal doom, despising their own mercy.

          What more can be said that has not been said?

          The day of the Lord is near.  The centuries have come to a close.  The door to salvation is closing quickly.  The Spirit groans in anguish for the souls of men.”


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