Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 22, 2015

          “The storm clouds hover in the sky while the thunder rumbles and the lightning makes cracks across the sky.  Nature trembles when it sees My majesty and power in the heavens.

          My storms have become commonplace to man.  He no longer sees or understands the things beyond his grasp.  There is no more awe or reverence for My bounty in nature’s dramas.

          I thunder from the heavens.  I hurl lightning bolts to the earth.  I crash and I warn and I frighten the animals with My power, yet still I am ignored by My selfish children.

          An uneducated and simple man has more reverence and awe than a learned scholar.  Learning has made man proud and arrogant.  He has made formulations and equations for all the majestic occurrences on earth.  He explains nature’s rhythms with his mathematical equations and high-sounding words, yet he knows so very, very little about the power of My omnipotence.

          Like a proud rooster he struts on the stage until his life breath is gone.  His books lie around him while men praise his accomplishments.  Yet he has never looked into the heart of his Creator for the real answers to life.

          Man, in his pride, has rejected His Father-Creator.  Nothing could be sadder on earth!”



Sad for Souls


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