Saturday, May 16, 2015

September 22, 2014

          “The soul of man was created to be an exquisite diamond with facets of extraordinary beauty.  It was created to shine gloriously in the kingdom of heaven eternally.  The soul was created so tenderly, so lovingly, so delicately, handcrafted by an all-wise Creator.  The soul was designed to grow in beauty daily as it imitated the life of the all-holy God, nourished in His love.  The body is only a fleshly covering for this eternal spirit.

          Man has ignored and forgotten his spirit within him.  He lives for the needs and glorification of the body – to look good, to feel good, and to enjoy all he can in his needy body.

          The flesh decays and dies.  It is only a house, a shelter for the soul.  Every day, billions of cells waste away and die.  One day, the life breath will expire and the soul will be exposed without a covering.  The soul will be exposed to his Creator to inspect the fruits that were sown in life.  Will the soul be beautiful and godly or ugly and sin-ridden?

          I inspect the motives and the intentions, the goodwill and the heart cries.  I am a just and merciful Judge.  I long for My children to yearn to be holy.  If they only knew what joy holiness brings …

          There is only a short moment in time to reap an eternity of benefits.  Your life choices follow you into eternity.  I have given you everything you need to make the right choices.  Now it is up to you to do the choosing.

          Which will it be?”

Taskmaster of Love

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