Saturday, May 16, 2015

April 12, 2013

          “Man’s legacy follows him beyond the grave.  The legacy of Jesus Christ still saves and sanctifies today as throughout all ages.  God’s legacy, His Son, Jesus Christ, unveils God’s face of love and compassion.  We leave a legacy to our children.  Our lives daily are producing these legacies. 

          Is your legacy a remembrance of holiness and goodness, of joyful light and love?  Or will your descendants only remember evil deeds and useless trivialities?

          O My people, I love you.  My legacy is love.  Come into My heart, open and wounded for you!  My mercy is endless, My compassion infinite!

          Be ye holy as your Father in heaven is holy.  Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.  Your sanctification is the seal of your legacy.        Allow the Holy Spirit to transform you into an icon of grace.  You will be that beautiful pillar displayed gloriously in God’s holy heaven.  Your legacy will be steadfast and sure.  “This is a holy soul of God” will be your seal and the nations shall behold your glory.

          See the big picture, My littlest ones.  Live for God alone.  Seek always His delight and glory above all things.  Rise above the earth.  It is fleeting and temporary.  Keep your gaze fixed on the eternality of God’s Kingdom of Light.

          Then, as you leave the earth forever, your legacy will be brilliant and beautiful, full of splendor and grace and your loved ones will say:  “This soul was a holy soul in love with God.”  What greater eulogy could there be?”

Heir of All Legacies

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