Saturday, May 16, 2015

February 19, 2013

          “The beautiful prayers of My faithful children pierce the heavens as shafts of light.  They are perfumed flasks of holiness saturating the polluted air with the scent of heaven.  Each word uttered in prayer flies as winged doves to God’s throne. 

          Every prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit, the spirit of holiness.  Purity, holiness, light, joy, peace, humility, chastity, and love are the fruits exhaled from these souls of hope.  Gentleness proceeds from these humble hearts so in love with their Father God.  Their prayers are intermingled with the holy sighs of the angels who look upon the face of God. 

          O, the wondrous insight of a soul whose heart pines for heaven!  They soar above the earth, looking from above.  Their viewpoints have been transformed.  They no longer reside on earth in decaying bodies.  Their spirits live with Jesus and the angelic host.  The peace of their countenance is obvious to a troubled world.

          They long for the redemption of the perishable body.  Death is victory, for it unites them to the love of their life, “whom having not seen, you love, and rejoice with a joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

          Those that crawl in the mud of the earth will never know this glorious joy of the “saints in light.” 

          Let God grant you wings to fly above the earth’s sinful atmosphere.  Once you have tasted heaven’s fruit, the earth will become very distasteful to you.”

The Spirit of Holiness

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