Friday, May 8, 2015

May 7, 2015

          “Love is the answer to every situation and circumstance you encounter.  You don’t have to think it over, rationalize, or talk endlessly about alternatives – you must love.  This is the lesson I am constantly trying to teach My children – you must love.

          People will hurt you.  You must love them.  Circumstances will humble you.  You must love My will and My timing.  Life will confuse you.  You must rest in My love, trusting that I have everything under control.  It is not knowledge or action that pleases Me.  I desire love from a pure heart.

          If you love, I live in you, for I am love.  Where there is no love, the Holy Spirit is quenched and grieved.  He cannot act in freedom to bring glory to the Godhead.  He is driven away and wounded.

          My life on earth was the manifestation of God’s love for man.  God gave everything to man in love, even His own Son, to save them.  Love saved the world, for only love could keep a Creator on a wooden cross, dying a human’s death in pain, shame, and agony.

          Men, you do not understand God’s love for you.  He has created everything because He loves you.  He didn’t have to give you anything, even your very existence, but His love compelled Him to create you and to offer you an eternity in His loving friendship.

          Jesus stripped Himself of His dignity for love of you.  Who can begin to understand such condescending love?”


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  1. A beautiful script and I shall ponder these words and practice love as the answer to all.
    Helen xx