Saturday, May 16, 2015

January 23, 2014

          “To accept all things as coming from a loving Father and Creator is the beginning of spiritual maturity and fecundity.  God is raising children on earth, forming them for His heavenly abode.  He is teaching and training them to be holy, as He is holy.  These training exercises take place on high mountain tops and in low valleys.  Each soul has a different training detail.  Each individual is a masterpiece of God’s ingenuity, and nothing is small or superficial in each existing life form.

          I am raising a family to live with Me eternally.  I am purifying My people, humbling them and transforming them into models of holiness.  The way is long and arduous.  Those souls that spend time with Me have a much easier time during the preparation phase.  They do not turn away from Me or distrust their circumstances.  They gladden My heart because they are so eager to be taught.  They are so submissive to all that occurs in their lives.

          The majority of souls complain, become bitter, and become agitated or despondent in difficult circumstances.  They lose all peace and give in to worried searching.  They do not trust My guidance and continually second guess Me.  They wander away from My will for them.  They stagnate among earthly distractions.  They displease Me by their lack of trust.

          I am God and I know all things.  I know your future, your past, and your present.  I have a specific path for you alone.  All that happens to you is according to this detailed plan.  Do not wonder when things start to change, when tragedies occur, when sorrows come.  These are all part of the training, exercising your spirit of faith and obedience.

          Charm My heart by your acceptance of My will for you.  Trust Me.  I have all bases covered.  I smile when you trust My leading in your life.

          “All things work together for good to those who love God.”  My promise to you.  Believe it.”

Your Loving Father
Who Wants the Best For You

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