Saturday, May 16, 2015

July 1, 2014

          “What does the world offer you?  All the allure and glamour of the world fades into nothingness.  Time passes, beauty fades, strength wanes, riches grow old – and then you die … and then you face the God who created you for a specific purpose.

          He had a holy design for your life, a mission for you specifically to fulfill.  He stayed at your side all through your life encouraging you to follow His direction, but you didn’t give Him a thought in your hurry to acquire earthly satisfactions.  He brought holy souls to you to help, guide and direct you back to God’s path … you listened for a moment and then turned back to your own path.  Each day brought a new distraction that allowed you to forget your God.

          You started to age.  Certain circumstances brought your mind to think of eternity, such as death and tragedy, but they were quick thoughts that passed through your mind as a ship in the night.

          Then your day arrived, the fateful day that takes every soul by surprise.  You couldn’t rise from your bed, your diagnosis was terminal, your death was imminent.  How different life looks to your eyes then!  How fast your life went by!  Who will now take all these treasures you’ve amassed?  Who will sleep in your bed or drive your car?  What will your obituary say?  Who will attend your funeral?  What will you say to God when you see Him?  You will then say:  Does my life’s work have a lasting value?  God is not interested in anything material, so what do I have to offer Him?

          In that day of sacred orderings, life will appear so drastically different to you.  You will see all the wasted efforts, wasted moments, wasted relationships, and wasted memories in the light of eternal goods.

          What will you offer your God on that final day of earth?  Meditate on this, because this day truly is coming and you need to be prepared.”

Holy Spirit,
Guide of Life

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