Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 27, 2014

          “When you are peaceful and resting in me, My voice becomes very clear and luminous in your spirit.  I reside in your inner being, waiting for you to meet Me there.

          Don’t be in a hurry when you seek My presence.  I am the eternally calm presence within you, desiring to crown you with My peace.

          The world is in turmoil.  Constant rushing, hurrying at a maddening pace.  Everything is rushed – words, conversations, eating, driving, thoughts.  There is no peace, only a constant striving for the next activity to obliterate the present moment.  The rush to accumulate possessions, the rush to arrive at a destination – all contribute to disturbance in the soul.

          You must prioritize your life with My wisdom.  Some things need to disappear from your life in order for you to have more time to slow down.

          The quiet moments of restful peacefulness are the foundation moments of your spirituality.  Without these gaps in your mad rush to get things done, your life with Me becomes sterile, empty and purely external.  You are hovering on the fringes of My perfect will for you.

          Every person is allotted a certain number of hours in the day.  How they use them is the freedom of the will, the gift of choice.  Wise souls sit down and count the cost.  They do not drive the engine in full gear without considering the end destination. 

          Get rid of the things that destroy your peace – television, idle conversations, useless reading, time wasters, distractions … then you will certainly have the time to sit down with Me to clean your soul, to discover My purposes for your life, to renew our friendship.

          Do not tell Me that you do not have time for Me.  You do have time.  You just waste it on things of absolutely no eternal significance.  These fleeting sands of time are gifts to help you attain eternal treasures. 

          Don’t waste the gift of time I have given you.  Spend time with Me.  You will soar above the trivialities of earth.  Your daily duties will become divine treasures of grace, opening the heavens to you.  Nothing will ever be mediocre or mundane again.  Your life will be divine.”

Jesus, Star Gazer

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