Monday, July 30, 2012

June 14, 2012

          “How can a man enjoy God?  Man has founded his life on a belief system instead of a loving relationship.  Loving God makes you do the right thing because you want to please this God whom you daily enjoy.  To live by stipulating rules with no thought to the One you are serving takes away all enjoyment of God.

          I have come to give men the abundant life God created them to enjoy.  I come bearing gifts of joy, peace, light, serenity, and happiness.  I am the great lover of men, descending to man’s earthiness to bless them with heavenly food.  I come bringing love.  I desire love from creatures.  Instead of receiving the love I seek, I find men bent over their books, thinking about formulas to reach Me, reciting My words, teaching My words, yet they never look at Me full in the face.  They are content to talk about doctrines and rules, to judge all things by My words, which is good in itself, but this is not why I came to earth, to set up a hierarchal system of orthodox beliefs.  I came to give Myself to souls.  I desire to live with men, to fellowship with them, to be intimate with them.  I desire transparent friendships, loving gestures, prolonged discussions in hearty friendliness, a continual walking together.  When you become My friends, you follow the rules instinctively.  You don’t even need to talk about the rules because your love for Me is your yardstick by which you measure everything.

          My saints have become wise in their own eyes.  In their discussions among themselves, they have forgotten Me in the process.  They have become authorities on My doctrine, but they have never heard My tender voice speaking directly to them in their hearts.

          This is why I seek the child-like, the lowly, those that may not know the rules, those that error in doctrinal truths out of ignorance.  These souls love Me with all their hearts.  They want to be with Me.  They listen to what I say to them in their hearts, which never contradicts My doctrine.  These are the little ones, the souls that I choose to stay close to Me forever.”

Seeker of Truth in Hearts

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