Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16, 2012

           “In your silence is your peace.  In your stillness is your great treasure.  I fill the void of useless activity and noise.  I, the eternally silent One, come quietly to the silent souls with My gift of peace.  Man is a whirlwind of activity in his earliest hours.  He does not stop to consider his actions.  All is done in great flurry and haste.  He feels he will never get things done fast enough.

          And at the end of his life, what then?  Was all that rushing necessary?  Where are all those great treasures accumulated in your hasty workings?  Is there value in those things you spent so much time and energy on?  Can you take these things with you to the next life?

          It is a great grace of God to bring souls to a blind halt in this life.  It may be a sickness, a failing, a heartache, a reevaluating life occurrence – God stops them.  He makes them sit down to consider how they have been utilizing the short time period allotted to them in terms of eternal values.

          All God’s trials are for the good of the soul.  He is the great doctor of souls.  He knows which medicines will bring healing and life.  Many times it takes a crisis to effect a cure.  God wills the good of every creature.  All He does in relation to them is perfect.

          Never underestimate the power of a setback.  Many great events occurred because of a great failing.  To see with God’s eyes takes great faith and widened vision.  He sees the eternal good of the soul in everything.

          Trust His leading.  His timing is always perfect.”

God’s Servant of Love

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