Monday, July 30, 2012

July 24, 2012

          “Shall I speak of anything more lofty than love?  It is higher than the heavens, for love is God and God is love.  They are one and the same.

          To be filled with God’s love is to become a radiant vase of holy oil to be poured out upon others.  This oil of gladness refreshes and renews the parched earth.  Souls are drawn to contemplate heavenly realities.

          Heaven is so near to you, My children.  The veil is so delicate separating you from the true world of spirit.  All is in front of you, but you lack vision in your haste to pursue earthly trivialities.

          Ask Me to open the curtain of the spiritual realm to you.  If you do not ask, your eyes will not see what is your eternal inheritance.  All who ask, receive.

          It is not difficult to befriend God.  He is your Maker.  He gave you all your faculties.  He understands you completely.  He doesn’t concentrate on your deficiencies.  He seeks to infuse His strength into your weaknesses.

          Open your eyes to the beauty that I have prepared for My dear children.  It is all before you, My children.  Come, take of My riches.  They are infinite and endless.  Do not let your blessings sit unused.”

Generous Gift Giver

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