Monday, July 30, 2012

June 11, 2012

      “When you fall, which you will, run immediately into My forgiving arms.  I am the eternal loving parent, always ready to forgive and forget.  Though you make the same falls day after day, I also forgive and forget day after day.  I know your weaknesses, your frailties, your anxious fears.  I understand your great desire to please Me.  Many times you lose the battle with your senses, for earthly attractions are very strong.  They stand before you in all their beauty, ready to be used.  You need the power of My Holy Spirit to always choose the spiritual over the temporal.  You must come to Me in time of temptation.  I will surely help you.

          No man is an island.  Succumbing to the world’s ways affect your testimony to souls on earth.  You must be vigilant not to scandalize your brother on earth who is watching you.  When souls are at stake, the temptation is seen in another light.

          You are enduring a great test on earth – spirit over flesh.  This has been the war throughout the centuries.  My chosen souls have won the battle, but many have fallen by the wayside along the way.  “No temptation has taken you but such as is common to man”, but I have provide the way of escape.  Trust Me to help you through all your daily battles.  All is well.  This is all part of your walk with God.  He is able to help you to stand, “and having done all, to stand.”

          Ever forward!  It is a new day with Me.  Forget yesterday.  Move forward in loving faith.  Draw nearer to Me today than you were yesterday.  May this be a meeting place for us to become closer and more intimate.  Stay within My embrace.  I will erase the past’s sadness. 

          Another day with Jesus … What a thrilling prospect!”

Life’s Joy

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