Monday, July 23, 2012

July 19, 2012

          “The soul that loves Me above anything on earth is greatly blessed now and for all eternity.  My gentle Spirit rests lovingly upon these souls of goodwill for My blessing is upon them in all that they do.  I protect and guard them as the apple of My eye.  I teach them sound doctrine and keep them on the sure path to salvation.  They are My little children of light, a generation of holy souls, lighting the darkness of this world with their illuminating countenances.

          I look at the world through their eyes and souls notice My look.  They do not understand in words what their heart perceives.  They smell a fragrance other-worldly and are drawn to it.  The light can have no fellowship with darkness; therefore, My children of light bring division to life.  A choice must be made – come to the light of Christ in repentant love or flee back into the darkness.  Many souls are trying to stand on middle ground, but do not see the chasm widening under their feet.

          Mediocre and lukewarm souls that claim to be My followers will be extremely ashamed on the day of judgment.  They will hide their face in regret when they realize that their words did not match up to their deeds.  I prefer a failing, stumbling, ignorant Christian that is repeatedly repenting and rising in purity of heart than a lukewarm soul calmly going about his daily life, oblivious to My calls to him.  Peter was impetuous and fell easily into error, but in the goodness of his heart he earnestly repented and rose again to his feet.  Blessed the man that knows the value of a repentant heart before me.  Though he feels himself wretched and lacking in virtue, his honest self-evaluation is what is saving him for life eternal.  I have come to seek and to save the lost.  How can I save a soul that does not consider himself lost, considers that he is doing quite well in his endeavors?  “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”  Learn the art of repentance, souls of earth.  Every follower of Mine must live a life of repentance, for I am a holy God and cannot look upon sin.  You must be pure in My sight.  Take the remedy.  Respond to the cure:  the holy Blood of Jesus.  He will wash away your sins in His blood, but you must seek His assistance by repentance.  There is no other way.”

Jesus, Remedy for Sin

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