Monday, July 30, 2012

July 9, 2012

          “Every day is an adventure in holiness.  As you obey My directives, you will be amazed at where the path of life leads you.  You will see the world in a new way.  As I’ve told you so many times, things are not what they seem.  You will be living a heavenly life on earth, a rare journey to the eyes of the worldly.  They will not understand many of the things you do, for they see things from an earthly perspective.

          Your life will be like a fire, alighting upon dead wood, burning up all that is unnecessary.  Your eyes will see past the earthly walls of clay.  You will see heaven’s glory on earth.  The most simple duties will become the most meaningful and dear to you.

          I have created you to live My life on earth, a life of joy-filled praise to My Father.  You shall relish the things of another spiritual dimension, pulling away from the gravitational pull that tries to magnetize you to the earth.  You will live above the earth, enjoying My perspective of how things really are.

          To enter into this heavenly life on earth, you must be obedient to the Spirit of Christ within you.  Daily you must keep the eyes of your heart locked into Mine.  Your days will be swift and merry, your peace will be penetrating, and your eyes will be clear with heaven’s light.  I will illuminate you with My glory and you will become a shining lamp shining in the darkness, allowing My glory to be transparent in you.

          As your love grows, so does your light grow.  Stoke the fires of your heart.  Let Me light a huge bonfire.  The world so desperately needs light.  Be My torch of love traversing the world to heal and bless.”

Light of Men

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