Monday, July 30, 2012

July 13, 2012

          “Thy light is our defense, O Lord.”  My light surrounds your every footstep in life.  My glory precedes your every move.  Those I have once loved are never without My light-filled and gloriously loving presence.  My light fills your days with the serenity and peace of My heavenly abode.  My light brings instruction to your mind, beauty to your surroundings, inspirations from the most holy place, strength in daily battles, fortitude against the drains of life, resistance to evil, and power to always choose the good.

          To stay protected in My light is your best defense against deception or confusion.  “I am the light of the world.  He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”  My light is your life breath.  Light sustains all things on earth.  My light sustains your soul in the same way.  “May your eyes be full of My light.”  Let My light stream into your being by seeking My face in everything you do.  I bring My light to every circumstance.  Those that dwell in darkness hate My light, for it exposes their evil way of life.  Light brings the exposing glance of God’s purity into a situation.

          Ask Me for more light, that I may purify your soul from all defects.  Only the pure in heart shall see My face.  You must earnestly say:  “God, grant me more light to see myself as I am, to see what You desire me to be when I am filled with your light.”  I will speedily answer this prayer for purity, for My light will cleanse you from evil.

          It is not hard to love and follow a Father who showers His graces upon you unceasingly.  Accept My gifts and graces with a loving smile.  You are worthy in My eyes to receive the choicest gifts.  The souls that humble themselves as little dependent children before Me receive the greatest gifts.  I spoil them with My riches!

          You have been greatly blessed to hear My voice, My daughter.  And to believe in the voice you have heard is a blessing upon blessing!  Confidence in Me warms My heart.  It distresses Me to have to continually placate a floundering heart, lacking in faith.  “Blessed is she that believed …” is a commendation of the confident soul going forward in complete trust on My word alone.

          The faith of My littlest saints will shine brightly in heaven’s courts.  They are the littlest ones, those incapable little souls who depended on Me for everything.  They captivated My heart by the charm of their littleness.  If only men understood the beauty of littleness …”

Gatherer of the Little Ones

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