Monday, July 30, 2012

June 1, 2012

     “To hide with Me alone, away from the world’s clamor, is your greatest joy in life.  The pleasures call to you, seeking to lose you in their sensual allurements, yet your heavenly Father desires to teach you a new way to live – “hidden with Christ in God.”  There, in the secret chambers of your King Jesus, you will find all that will satisfy your every desire.  Jesus is the fount of all happiness.  In joy or sorrow, He is your wealth.

          In this secret chamber within your spirit, God is waiting for you in the silence.  He desires to radiate His Essence into your being, but He can only do so when you are resting quietly in His embrace.  Words are not needed.  This is soul talk, a language beyond earth’s understanding.  In this chamber, God will refine you, purify you, transform you and shape you into the image of His Son, Jesus, the Holy Son of Man.  He will speak with you soul to soul, beyond your understanding.  He will settle you down, permeating you with His peace.  God’s presence is peace, eternal rest and contentment.

          “Come away, My beloved.”  Come with Me into the inner chambers of your spirit where I reside in holiness.  The scent of My fragrance will lull you into a sweet spiritual sleep.  “Be still and know that I am God.”  This infused knowledge will burst into great flames of love for God and man.  You will be transformed, changed “from glory to glory” by the Spirit of the Lord.

          I am waiting for you, child.  Put down your baggage to walk lightly into My presence – the baggage of earthly words, reasonings, and desires.  Be still and let me speak to your heart.  You will hear words beyond your understanding.  They will be translated into actions by your spirit which has soaked in My doctrine.  You see, I am a hidden God, mysterious and awesome.  Only those souls that steal away from the world’s frivolities find Me in My hiding place within their hearts.  Will you venture to travel beyond your understanding into the hidden world of God, waiting for your assent so patiently?  I hope you do, for He will show you things beyond your wildest dreams!”  God is All!”

The Holy Spirit, Wise Counselor

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