Monday, July 30, 2012

July 5, 2012

          “Listen to the silence around you.  The silence will speak to you of Me, the transcendent One.  I am beyond the senses.  My kingdom is a silent kingdom, known only to the silent seekers.

          Silence bespeaks reverence, awe, and wonder.  An earthly king may command silence in his presence.  Why?  Because he is the voice of authority.  It is taken for granted as an honor to refrain from speaking before dignity.

          Where is My reverence?  Where is My honor?  Those who revere Me are promised My friendship.  To revere Me is to know your place before Me.  Created out of dust, from nothing, all you are depends upon My word and My will.  When this becomes a reality in your life, you will remain before Me speechless, filled with wonder at My grace and mercy.

          I created you to teach you about the Godhead, the eternally existent Trinity.  I want to share Our life with souls of goodwill.  We are constructing a family of love and graciousness, icons of grace to be displayed in the heavens forever.

          Heaven is a place of little children.  Innocence, purity, and loving abandonment – these characterize My dearest ones.  They have followed Me earnestly on earth amid many trials and tribulations, sorrows and problems.  Their reward in heaven is great.  Their faith in Me brought them quickly to My Father’s house.

          Heaven is the land of the saints.  Purified and holy, they are the children of the light.  They walk with Me in white, for I have illuminated them from within.  They are light as I am light.  This is the glory of all My saints.”

Torch for God

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