Wednesday, August 29, 2012

February 23, 2012
          “How could I not reveal Myself to a soul interested in Me?  There are so few souls in these days of hurried activity that take the time to be silent before Me.  The perfection of the heart takes time.  It needs to be cultivated and fertilized as a most beautiful garden should be.

          So many gardens today are unkempt and littered with debris.  There are no orderly rows of life-giving plants.  There is disorder and chaos.  What should give off a pleasant and beautiful aroma smells of stench, refuse, and useless garbage.

          Man has filled his soul with the evil products of this world.  He has forgotten the beauty of nature, the purity of time spent alone in prayer with God.  The churches where I reside are empty while the houses of pleasure multiply.  Man says he has no time for Me very blatantly.  Even though I keep him in existence, I am relegated as insignificant.

          Oh, the beauty and the inexpressible joy of a soul in love with God!  The union is so delightful that there is no inclination whatsoever to return to earthly delights.  They seem transitory and vain, a useless waste of time.  What is not of God is nothing!

          My little children of love, you warm My heart, so rejected by an indifferent world.  I cover you with My everlasting wings, sheltering you, shielding you, warming you, and strengthening your littleness.  I am truly a God of the ‘little ones’. They are the apple of My eye, My coat of arms, My joyful repose.

          My love has no limits in their regard.  My infinity penetrates their littleness.  We become one.”

Lover of the Little Ones

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