Wednesday, August 29, 2012

February 27, 2012

          “To know and experience the penetrating love of God brings divinity to earth.  God is love.  All He has made was made in and through love.  To become one with God in love is to become divine.  The world needs to see and experience divinity walking the streets.  Man is imprisoned and cannot free himself because of his blindness.  A soul unified to his Creator brings the ray of hope to souls.  Light shines in the darkness.  The prison is exposed for what it is.

          My children are light-filled instruments of My glory.  They truly are “the saints in light” dispersed throughout the world.  Their light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not understand it.  They walk in the footsteps of Jesus, the Light of the World, rejected by the darkness.

          To be a follower of Jesus is to imitate His life on earth.  His life was not one of ease and comfort.  He was a burden bearer every day of His life.  He carried the burdens of the world on His shoulders.  His cross was the ultimate burden to bear.  He took upon Himself all the burdens of the world to offer forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation to man.

          The light can only illuminate and permeate a soul to the extent it has passively surrendered everything back to God.  In your surrender and abandonment is your illumination.  Let God’s light blaze within you as you follow Him serenely abandoned to His holy will in all that happens to you daily.  This journey is one moment at a time abiding in Christ.  Only He can give you the actual grace to maintain this contact.  Cry out for this union that God desires for you.  He can light up the world through a soul completely abandoned to His holy and glorious love.  Will you be that soul?  He’s waiting breathlessly …”

God’s Love

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