Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 22, 2012
          “I speak daily.  Who is listening?  Those that hear are wise.  They have chosen eternal riches in a world gone mad with glamour and pleasure.  My little chosen ones, tucked away in little homes all over the world, are My couriers, bringing heaven to earth, interceding for souls, suffering for unjust deeds done against a holy God, mourning for those who laugh in idle tranquility. 

          To be a soldier in My army requires much discipline, and above all, self-discipline.  It is not easy to sit alone quietly with Me waiting for My voice in the stillness.  Heaven speaks to quiet spirits of goodwill, those yearning and straining to hear God’s voice within their soul.

          I am the Eternal Word, Jesus Christ.  I speak the words of the Eternal God.  None of My words are without effect.  One word from Me can change your life.  Why will you not stop to listen?  Why are you running hurriedly in every direction daily?  What are you accomplishing in this hasty way of living?  You only have one lifetime to reap eternal gains.  Are all these useless pastimes worth anything in the eyes of eternity?

          You live in a culture of the extremes – extreme selfishness, extreme greed for instant gratification, extreme self-seeking.  Where is My glory?  It is hidden in the little ones that linger in My presence. 

          Throw away these dirty rags that are staining your spirit.  They are worthless activities in My eyes.  Cultivate the garden of your soul with quietness, tranquility, serenity, stillness, and simplicity.  There you will find God in all His glory waiting for you.  You cannot find God in all this useless activity.  It is a ploy to keep you diverted from truth.

          Come back to your Creator, My children.  Turn away from the world’s way of thinking.  It is useless.  I offer you an eternal treasure.  Will you leave Me, as the rich young ruler left Me?  Will you choose your earthly toys over Me?  How sad I will be!  Hear My words of loving welcome:  “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest …”


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