Wednesday, August 29, 2012

March 5, 2011

          “Thanksgiving and praise glorifies My Father’s wonderful goodness.  My Father is a fountain of purity, love, and holiness that overflows copiously upon the children of God.  All souls are blessed by My Father, even the most wicked men.  How My Father longs to change their hearts from evil to good!  We wait patiently for men to acknowledge our goodness, always distributing our gifts regardless of how we are treated.  We are love and cannot help but to love all men with an infinite love!

          I became the lowest and least esteemed man on earth to redeem mankind.  I was labeled a fanatic, a deceiver, a crazy man – even by those closest to Me.  My life was lived with constant misunderstandings, slights, and rejection.  I persevered because of the love I cherished for My Father and His holy will. 

          Obedience was absolutely everything to Me.  I trusted in My Father’s love and goodness as I walked the earth in a human body, so frail and weak.  I also had to look through mortal eyes with the eye of faith that God would work everything in accord with His divine purpose.

          To see My loved ones suffer because of  My obedience hurt me deeply, yet I continued on the path of lowly obedience, despising the shame and carrying My cross bravely and joyfully to bring honor and glory to My Father.

          As you get to know Me better, you will be transformed more and more into My likeness.  You also will be rejected and scorned by the world as you follow in My footsteps.  The world offers trophies and praises.  I offer suffering and humble obedience, yet My paths are paths of peace and joy, for they travel the roads of My heart where they reside.

          A child’s simple gaze of love pierces the veil.  A simple obedient ‘yes’ to My will charms your steps.  Do not be afraid to follow Me fanatically, for I was the fanatic lover nailed to the cross for you.”

Obedient Servant

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  1. Hello Shelly

    A powerful message. Thank you and wishing you a day full of blessings.

    Helen xx