Monday, October 22, 2012

April 4, 2012

          “Those fervent souls who obey Me will be blessed eternally.  There is no greater peace in life than to be obedient to the words of God.  My words are the book of life to all who desire peace and joy in their daily duties.

          You must see with the eyes of God.  He values the little things of life, the most humble and seemingly insignificant – a child, a word of gratitude, the beauty of nature displayed in the greatest silence, the silent sun shining to nourish the earth, the crystal blue water sparkling in the sun’s light.  To know God is to have the ability to read of God in nature. 

          Nature is God’s book of detail written for man to explore.  It is God’s gift of beauty to men who are sense-oriented.  Man has twisted his senses away from the beauty of the natural to a lust for sensual pleasures which derive man of God’s peace.

          Nature is silently beautiful, made of ethereal substances.  You cannot grasp the sky or the air.  You cannot walk on the mists of the clouds.  Nature is God’s prelude of heaven’s grandeurs, a peek into the Eternal City of Light.

          To know God is to rediscover God in nature – His simplicity, His beauty, His graceful peace.  Birds soar through this heavenly landscape, singing words of unintelligible praise to God.  I desire My children to live as the birds – soaring in the heavenlies with complete dependence on Me, singing songs of praise and thanksgiving with no anxiety for tomorrow.

          Little children, find Me again in nature.  Feel the texture of the leaves, smell the beautiful flowers, marvel at the millions of grass blades, lift your eyes to the elegant clouds marching silently past you in the sky, feel the caress of My hand upon your face in the gentle wind, watch the trees sway in rhythmic abandonment to the breeze. 

          You will find God staring back at you in every flower among the bushes.  You will see His loving face and hear His voice whispering, “I have made all things well.”

 Holy Spirit,
Revealer of God’s Riches

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