Tuesday, October 30, 2012

May 18, 2011

          “My dear friends know My heart.  They are attuned to My wishes for them; thoughts of goodwill, peace, love, and jovial familiarity.  I am not a God in far off places.  I reside within the countless souls I have created, designing a unique masterpiece of creative love, each soul formed to show forth My glory.

          When I see these beautiful artifacts of My love drowning in the sea of perdition, I send My life rafts of mercy, warning sirens in the night, pleas of merciful love to rescue them from the raging waters.  My beacons of light spread far and wide throughout the shorelines, havens of hope for the drowning.  Yet souls resist divine mercy and grace.  Men ignore My watchful pleas to return to the haven of rest, My fatherly heart.

          I have created a beautiful world for My children to grow in.  I have provided everything essential for them to flourish and grow into stately oaks of virtue.  Yet man is slowly digressing into the mentality of a brute animal, reveling in sinfulness and deception.  How grieved I am over man’s rebellion and lack of spiritual interest!

          Pray earnestly for the masses who are being driven over the cliff of perdition to fall into endless desolation.  They are being herded like sheep into the eternal abyss by the enemy of their souls.  They serve this enemy blindly, not understanding his supreme hatred for them.

          The Good Shepherd has been driven away by hateful scorn and rejection.  I search longingly for My erring sheep to return to their inheritance, but daily they run further from truth.  Those sheep that hear My voice and follow Me very closely moan with me for the loss of so many sheep.  They comfort My heart, wounded by the scorn of My beloved children.  We pray together for the return of the flock.  We pray for the Spirit of God to sweep through the land as a mighty force to open the eyes of the blind, erring sheep.

          See us on the mountains calling out lovingly together to the stragglers.  The end is near.  God is initiating the last ingathering.  Hear the Shepherd’s call, O men of earth.”

Sheepherder of the Nations

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