Friday, October 26, 2012

May 11, 2011

          “I create beauty out of nothingness.  It is My glory to construct a towering edifice of honorable grace out of a ruined homestead.  If I am allowed in to penetrate every area of your life, divinity comes crashing to earth in all its splendor.

          Man limits My creativity by his diverse obstacles to grace.  Obstinacy, ignorance, a distracted heart, neglect, laziness, hopelessness, trust in your own ability – these are all blockades against the fullness of My power touching the world through you.

          To be pervaded by My presence, you must be a malleable vessel, softened by adversity, humbled by life’s trials, aware of your inability, and desirous of God’s glory.     The Potter cannot work with hardened clay.  The clay must be soft in His hands, moistened by the living water of the Holy Spirit, willing to be molded into any shape without objection.

          Live each present moment as My ordained will for you.  I have told you that I abide in the ordinary spaces of life, the times you least expect Me to exert My influence.  I am not a God of the spectacular on this earth.  I am the hidden God.  I abide among the lowly.

          I do not need your gifts and offerings, but they are a token to Me of your love.  What can you give Me that I have not created by My own hands?  I give you the opportunity to draw near to Me by becoming a little child willing to give up all his possessions for his mother’s kiss.

          To know the kiss of God is the greatest gift you can ever receive.  He hides His kisses for the prayer closets of the world.  Few share these rare gifts with the world.  They are beyond words.

          Seek to be hidden with Christ in God.  This is where God’s kisses become commonplace.”

Lover of God’s Kisses

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