Tuesday, October 30, 2012

May 17, 2011

          “An open, seeking heart finds many treasures for the soul.  To sit at the Master’s feet searching for “the best part” is a great gift of faith given to very few in this rushing world.  “He that loses his life for My sake will find it” unto life eternal. 

          The treasures of heaven are found in the silent resting on God’s heart.  God is not in the maddening pace of the world.  He is the still, small voice that is seldom heard, constantly drowned out by man’s noisy world.  The heavens drop down the Word of God in torrents of rain graces, yet man closes his eyes, his ears, his heart, and his mind.  He lives in the flesh and closes his spirit to the eternality of his soul.

          My little lambs humbly follow My direction, not seeking anything for themselves but My approval.  Love has cast its garment around them and they are held firmly in Love’s grasp.  They count their lives as nothing as they contemplate God’s essence.  Holiness springs up like a beautiful flower, a beautiful sight to behold, a fragrant aroma of heaven.  Souls are attracted to this beauty.  They sense a hidden aura beneath an earthly disguise.

          My beloved Mother Teresa was a flower of magnificent beauty and fragrance hidden beneath a humble personage.  She captivated all who beheld her.  She did nothing to make herself outwardly beautiful.  Her beauty lay hidden in her heart.  She was in love with Me and ran quickly to heaven, never looking in a mirror to establish her identity.  I was her life.  I slipped quietly and comfortably into the center of her being and she became Christ living among men.  She was as an alien in the world, a heavenly being residing in an earthly shell.

          I desire to manifest My beauty through every soul, yet so few will open the door of their hearts.  Some allow Me a restricted entrance, but how can the sun rise to be seen in a house with all the shutters closed with only one tiny window open to receive its burning heat? 

          Let Me grow as a fragrant flower within you, My children.  Give Me all of you, not just parts of you.  All or nothing!  That’s where the glory comes in!  All for God, nothing for self.  Then all becomes gloriously God and the world takes notice.

          Only the humble will be exalted.”

Beautiful Flower of God’s Love

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