Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012

          “The thoughts of heaven descend into the heart of man if man will turn away from the world to let the doctrine fall as dew into his heart.  The simple souls receive the ancient wisdom of the ages because they have made themselves empty containers, open to receive new information.  Man, in his earthly wisdom, knows not God’s ways.  God reveals Himself to the lowly and the child-like, those simple enough to be open to the Spirit’s call.

          Men of earth, how little you know about Me!  There is no excuse for this lack of knowledge for I have revealed Myself in creation and in My words to you, faithfully preached through the centuries.  You do not possess this knowledge of Me because you have not taken the time to gaze into My eyes with the simplicity of a child.  You are always running to your own funds of knowledge, which do not even mention My name.  A child has a believing and trusting heart.  He believes what you tell him, until you tell him otherwise.  My men of earth do not believe what I tell them.  I paint My glory in the sunset, I nourish the earth with My rain, I warm them with My brilliant sun, I give them flashes of eternity in the night, yet they exist as if I am silent.

          “Unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.”  “With the heart man believes unto righteousness.”  Unless you have the open, believing, and trustful heart of a child, you will not enter My kingdom.

          A child is lowly.  A child is dependent.  A child lacks knowledge.  A child is open and free.  A good child is obedient.  He is trusting and loving.  He lives in the present.  He delights in nature.

          Adults become cynical and unbelieving.  They imagine they have all the answers.  They have lost the air of expectancy that is the charm of childhood.  They grow despondent and greedy, malevolent and angry when circumstances become obstacles to their goals.  They do not flow with the Spirit, as a feather in the air.  They are rigid and oppressed.

          I can set you free from your ordered adulthood.  I can lead you back into the joy of childhood.  I can restore your innocence, your child-like wonder and awe.  I am the Eternal Child of the infinite God.  I will bring you back to My Father’s house, His eternal playground.”

Jesus, God’s Child of Joy

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