Tuesday, October 30, 2012

May 19, 2011

          “You have misunderstood your mission in My great plan.  You have been fulfilling your mission, while constantly waiting for your mission to be given to you.  There is no mission oracle to go forth as a warrior in battle.  Your mission is the daily endurance of the human condition, yours and others.  I have told you that I am not a God of the extravagant and showy displays of My power.  I reveal Myself in whatever is meek, lowly, and hidden.  Most of the time I am so ‘human’ in My works that I go completely unnoticed.

          The angels sigh in wonder as they see men miss My beautiful acts of goodness and divine mercy to the sons of men.  Men walk by, oblivious to My truly spectacular graces; the grace of the present moment, the gift of your life breath, the seeing eye, the colorful landscape.  Man’s eye is fixed on whatever is beyond the next bend in the road, always seeking new adventures and new experiences.

          I dwell in the orderly life of a faithful soul.  Fidelity, temperance, meekness, tranquility, and joy mark My presence.  I am quiet and content, not striving to be noticed or acclaimed.  I am the invisible helping hand, making all run smoothly behind the scenes, prodding My children on in the ways of righteousness.

          I am the smile of a baby, the song of the bird, the wonder of a rainbow.  I lose Myself in the beauty of creation only to be found by those that seek Me fervently and eagerly.  They catch My little subtleties and exclaim in child-like praise, “It is the Lord.”

          These are the children of My inner circle, those that play in the throne room, just desiring to be near Me.  They know My gentleness and My smile of satisfaction.  They sense My nearness and rest on My heart.

          It is not hard to approach Me.  My door is open to all My children.  I glimpse at the doorway constantly, hoping one of My wayward ones will remember Me and choose to come home to Me.

          I am a Father in love with My children.  Need I say more?”

The Heart of a Father

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