Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 20, 2011

           “Death to self is your highest authority.  Self seeks its own interests.  This must die in you.  Self seeks admiration, appreciation and praise.  Die to the opinions of others.  Self seeks to understand, to gain more knowledge.  I want you to die to your need to know.  I desire that you rest quietly in My presence, not understandingand not knowing.

          When a grain of wheat falls into the earth to die, it is in complete darkness, unaware of everything.  What a perfect description of what I require of a soul in order for it to sprout to be fruitful to others.

          You must die that others may live.  Very few souls ever go beyond the initial calling of grace to reach the higher calling of complete abandonment to God’s sacrifice of life.  To lay your life on the altar for others is to follow in the footsteps of your elder brother, Jesus.  He died that you might live.

          As you let go of your ambitions, your plans, your ideas, and offer yourself completely empty of everything, I then have the freedom to fill you with My plans for your life.  It is a road you would never expect to follow.  I lead My sheep along paths unknown and foreign to them.  They follow Me very bewildered, but at the end of the strangest paths, they exclaim in a burst of understanding, “So that is why God led me along this particular path.”  The fruits will be so evident as you trace your steps.

          All My ways are paths of peace.  You may feel you are blindfolded and alone, but if you grasp My hand very tightly, you will walk with My confidence.  The end result will be glorious.

          In your death to all you think you know is your greatest challenge to glory.  Let go of all your accumulated data storehouses of material gathered in your brain.  Let Me re-sort the filing system and set things in order.

          “My ways are not your ways.”  My ways are the glorious paths of the saints.”

Jesus, Leader of the Saints

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