Tuesday, May 31, 2011

October 26, 2010

          “Daily submission to God’s call of grace completes the journey of life God has called you to.  Do not look beyond the present moment, the grace-filled moment set before you to drink in the mysterious outworkings of God.  Men run beyond the present moment, seeking greater feats to demonstrate earthly results, yet God works in secret, using the weak things of the world to confound the wise.

          To live in God’s presence is to accept each moment of life as His providential gift to you.  It is to humbly walk with God moment by moment, thanking Him for each circumstance, accepting each trial with tranquility.  God carves saints in the daily seconds of life.  Responding patiently and lovingly to each occurrence is all part of your daily growth in sanctification.

          Do not seek great things.  Greatness lies in obscurity and hiddenness.  Greatness is complete dedication to God’s good pleasure, in whatever form it comes to you.  In your loving and attentive gaze, God expands your horizons to consider the little things as great and the humble circumstances as the sure path to holiness.

          Walk the narrow path of the saints.  They decreased in all things – their personalities, their possessions, their attitudes, their opinions, their desires, and their dreams.  They laid everything on the altar of life and offered all up in sacrifice to God’s good pleasure.

          To love being little and unknown is the first step to great peace and serenity.  It is in the grasping after great things that souls lose their peace.

          A flower is content to bloom quietly in a hidden corner, its only task being to brighten that corner, to fragrance the air beautifully.  When you learn the secret of desiring to be a hidden flower for God, wherever He places you, you will truly be a cornerstone in the sacred structure that God is building for His dwellingplace.”

Jesus, Chief Cornerstone

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