Wednesday, May 25, 2011

September 27, 2010

          “The cries of the children pierce through the clouds.  My Father is furious about what is happening to the innocent children of earth.  Man’s depravity is all-consuming.  His barbarity delights in soiling and contaminating the innocent.  He has no compassion for the piercing cries of the defenseless children pleading for mercy.

          Herod slew the children of Bethlehem without mercy.  Through the ages, children have been sacrificed to demons.  Children are the prey of the greatest predator, Satan.  He seeks to defile them, to pollute their minds, to destroy them, to abandon them.  These children are the scent of heaven and he despises any remembrance of heaven.

          Good men have become powerless because they have abandoned God.  They live a life of pleasure upon earth, entertaining themselves in idle pursuits, while the children are mutilated and massacred around them.  They have the means to stop such destruction, yet they are too self-absorbed to care.  They avert their gaze, lest they have to get involved.

          Heaven is crying out for justice.  Men will be called into account for this odious and heinous sin of neglect.  In his pursuit of riches, he idly walks by the mutilated corpses of the pure and innocent children on his path.

          If you pursue God with all your heart, your eyes will be opened.  You will have His vision to see the wickedness and greed and the alarming disinterestedness of souls, even My chosen souls.  To have the mind of Christ is to see with My eyes.  You will hear the cries of the children.  You will not be oblivious to their agony.  You will no longer be able to ignore your duty to get involved, to rush to their help.

          I am calling My chosen souls to warfare against Satan’s troops.  I will lead the way.  I will give you My armor of protection.  Listen for heaven’s call to duty and respond to your part in this drama of life.  The children need your involvement.  I will open all doors.  Walk through them in confidence.”

Jesus, Child Advocate

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