Wednesday, December 12, 2012

April 19, 2011
     “There is no need for you to try to understand My ways of leading you because you are running to heaven full speed ahead.  Your heart is in love with Me, and this is My greatest treasure, to win the hearts of My children, to enclose them in My loving heart forever.

          How many times have you heard, “It’s all about love?”  There is no truer statement.  The world was made by love, redemption was God’s gift of love, heaven is eternal love, and all My gifts are manifestations of My great love for souls.

          If you spend your day loving Me and My Father, this will be the greatest day of your life.  To joy in Me, to acknowledge My presence, to include Me in your thoughts and actions, to converse with Me freely, to exclaim your words of love pouring out of a thankful heart – THIS is salvation’s story.

          You will spend eternity loving Me and My Father.  During this brief earthly sojourn, as you keep your eyes staring into My eyes, you will already be living in heaven, for I am heaven.  I am the Source of all that exists.  When you come to Me, you are coming to the fount of all wisdom and knowledge.  You are communing with the All-Glorious God.”

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