Thursday, December 13, 2012

May 23, 2011

          “I place My desires deep within your heart.  Every good desire and thought you possess comes from Me.  Your desires are formulated prayers that rise to heaven without you ever realizing their impact.

          The obedience of scheduling time for Me in your day reaps a multitude of great gifts.  To communicate with heaven is no small thing.  It is a great gift given to you by My loving Father.  Souls in the world are blinded to the existence of heaven.  The light cannot penetrate their hardened hearts.  The light causes many of them to be angry and defensive.  They themselves do not even understand this anger that wells up within them.

          The more pure your soul becomes, the more the darkened heart will violently resist you.  Light has no alliance with darkness.  You must expect to be rebuffed and insulted, for if they persecuted Me, the true Light Bearer, they will persecute you.  This is as it should be, for I came into the world to expose their deeds of darkness.  This is not comfortable for them.

          You must go forward valiantly, not wasting time trying to figure out why your actions are misconstrued.  Keep your eyes locked into My gaze, for you are following the leader of the lights.  There is an end to all this madness and righteousness will again reign.  The time of darkness is reaching its culmination and the Son of Man will arise with healing in His wings to alarm the nations.

          It is your loving response to Me that I seek.  I am gathering My round table of saints, those that will rule and reign with Me in the ages to come.  Keep the focus.  Your commanding officer has spoken.”

God’s Captain of the Troops

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