Sunday, December 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

          “Each day is a unique opportunity to grow in grace and the love of God.  To grow in God’s love is to attain to the fullness of Christ’s humanity.  Jesus, the God-Man, Love incarnated, became all things to all men.  He is the way to the Father’s homeland.  To walk as Jesus walked is the ultimate duty of My children.  I want to see the face of My Son in them.

          My Spirit of Love has been given the charge to remake you according to the pattern of heaven.  A spiritual temple is being raised on earth to offer spiritually holy sacrifices to heaven, to My altar in heaven, where I receive the sons of men unto Myself eternally.

          In peace and quietness I unite Myself with obedient souls to remake them, to refashion them, to favor them with My presence.  I am calling out a people to Myself, a holy people, a joyful people, a sacrificing people; these are the redeemed among the sons of men.

          Be still before Me that I may cast My mantle over you to claim you as My own.  Only in the stillness of My presence do we become one.

          Run into the silence, My saints.  I reside in the silence of your hearts.  Find Me there waiting for you.  Seek for Me with all your heart and you shall find Me.  I am waiting for you, always waiting for you.  My love compels Me to wait for your awakening.

          To understand My heart, you must ask for Divine Love to enter your soul.  Only then will you understand Love’s patient waiting.

          A God who sits patiently waiting … what a meditation for you.”
God, Your Father

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