Sunday, December 30, 2012

May 27, 2011

          “Faith is trust in My Providence.  Do you really believe that all things work together for good to all that love Me?  If you really believe this, you will never worry, but will always trust in My decisions and circumstances.  A life of faith is worry-free.  Faith implies complete trust in the other; hence, no worries whatsoever.

          Have faith in God.  He holds the universe together.  Your needs do not elude Him.  He is aware of all things.  Job learned to recognize the hand of God in every happening in his life – good or bad.  He accepted both courageously in great faith.  His life is a pattern to emulate.  He blessed the Lord at all times, never doubting.  I recorded His life in Scripture to be an inspiration and a model for My saints to follow.

          Each soul has a cross to carry, some extremely heavy, others light.  These crosses make up your heavenly crown.  The manner in which they are carried speaks volumes about your intentions.  The more lovingly and joyfully you carry your cross, the more you trust Me.  The more worried and fearful you carry your cross, the more you distrust Me.

          Your trust honors Me.  It gives me complete freedom to bring you to the greatest perfection.  It leaves Me free to introduce new and wonderful things into your life for we are moving on and do not have to cover the same ground over and over again.

          Let your worries turn into smiles of trust.  Hand every concern over to Me.  Let Me handle all your cares.  As soon as you release every problem to Me, you allow Me complete freedom to bring My Father’s will to perfection.

          To develop this trust, every time a worried thought invades your mind, quickly wrap it up and offer it to Me with this prayer:  “Jesus, I hand deliver this worry to you.  Jesus, I trust in you.”  How this delights Me to see you act on My instructions to have no anxiety at all.

          The sooner you release your grasp on your life and lose it for My sake, the sooner My peace will invade your soul and you will become a very joyful and content child of God.”
Worry Destroyer

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