Sunday, December 30, 2012

May 26, 2011

          “Souls are in desperate conditions.  They seek happiness in the pleasure the world offers constantly, but once acquired, these pleasures are tasteless.  Man is greedy in his thirst for pleasure.  It drives him to the brink of despair, for he is always on a treadmill, seeking what he can never find.

          Then man gets old.  His dreams appear so insignificant in the light of his frailty.  His life becomes a burden and what once seemed so important becomes useless.  He looks back at his life with great regret.  He followed his dreams to the detriment of his family, to the detriment of the feelings of others, to the detriment of his soul.  Maybe he has amassed a fortune, but this money has no value in the real world, the eternal realm.

          His soul should have been flourishing in goodness, but it is weak and unstable.  All the castles he has built in his mind crumble as he faces eternity.  The beautiful strength of body he once admired and preened is valueless and a heavy weight.

          O man, tonight your soul will be required of you.  What will you bring to the table?  The gifts I require for an entrance into My kingdom are the treasures of love of God and love of neighbor.  I have no use for your business skills or energetic endeavors.  My requirement of you was to die to self that I might walk the earth in your body.  I wanted you to gather eternal riches, those that only grow more beautiful through the endless ages.  You have been deceived by the beauty and glamour of the world, but it is not too late to change your course.

          Humble yourself; repent of your past doings; turn to Me and I will freely forgive you and welcome you to the true life worth living, the Christ-life.  This life will satiate your hunger and thirst for meaning and fullness.

          You have walked your road alone for many years.  Let Me join you.  We will finish your course together, you and I.  I will teach you many things that will give you the happiness you are seeking.  All joy is to be found in Me, for I am your life breath and reason for existence.”

 Jesus, the I AM

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