Sunday, December 30, 2012

May 25, 2012

          “What does it mean to lift your soul to Me?  It means to raise your eyes above the distractions of this world to contemplate eternity with Me. 

          I desire that you stop during the day to realize that all that surrounds you is temporal.  You are living a play.  One day the props will fall aside and real living will begin, the unhindered life of God’s Spirit infinitely living in you.  You must allow His Spirit now to inhabit all of you.  To the extent that you surrender to His action in your soul, so much will you realize the reality of spirit over matter.  Matter is the temporal.  Spirit is eternal life living through God’s love.

          The silence will speak to you, for the silence stops the daily grind of mindless living.  In the silence, you will learn God’s ways, for He is Eternal Silence and Rest.  The beauty of pure hands and holy eyes lifted to heaven is in the sight of God a beautiful thing.  He looks among the ashes of earth for souls of purity and humble reverence that He might infuse His light into them. 

          The darkness of the world has blinded the hearts of mankind.  The light has been stifled and blocked.  God’s pure, holy light descends into humble souls that have turned away from the world, those that lift their hearts and hands to heaven in silence and solitude.  These are God’s beacons of hope in a hopeless world of wandering souls.

          Look at Me, My children.  I am able to supply all you need for eternal happiness and bliss.  Heaven is never-ending joy.  Seek heaven’s peace.  Seek heaven’s rest.  I am heaven.  Seek Me.”

Heavenly Glory of God

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