Tuesday, June 24, 2014

May 21, 2013

          “Love is the compelling force that moves the universe, that melts the heart of man, that holds all things together.  Love is the reason for the life breath of every living soul.  To love is to find God, to dwell in Him, to live and move in His aura.

          You must open yourself to Love’s embrace.  As a little child, you must love with a pure and open heart.  I am driven away by a calculating or cynical approach.  I seek sincere, fervent children to dwell among them.

          Children are a beautiful expression of God’s openness and purity.  They love and obey spontaneously when they are nurtured and cherished.  Children charm the heart of God in their simplicity.

          I continuously call you to spiritual childhood.  This is the glorious path to sanctity.  You must drop all your earthly cares as a child does, living in the present moment, relying on others to care for their needs.  Children love and laugh and play and rejoice and imagine and curiously enjoy God’s beautiful nature.  They are not counting money or worrying about taxes and material gains.  They are pure, free, and simple.  It is possible to live the pure life of a child in this world today.  You must abandon everything to God – all your cares and worries, your plans and agenda, your ambitions and earthly dreams.            Abandon yourselves to My love and I will make your dreams come true.  Do you trust that I will follow through on this promise?  Test it and see if joy and contentment will surround your moments of life.  You will know the life of the freedom of heaven, walking with God in purity of heart.  I will take care of all your needs.  Please trust Me as a child trusts his loving father.

          No more worries, cares or confusion.  Boundless trust in your magnificent God!”

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