Friday, June 13, 2014

March 1, 2013

          “To know the heart of God … Jesus came from glory to reveal His Father’s tender heart.  The world’s sin and disobedience were repulsive to God’s holy heart.  He provided His Son to bind up the festering wounds of mankind.

          Jesus humbled Himself, allowing evil men to wound and kill His flesh.  By His sacrificial gift of Himself, He took upon Himself the devastating effects of sin and death.  The bloody horror He faced in life gave way to His infinite love.  He leaped and bounded over the hills of the world’s depravation to bring home His Father’s wayward sheep.

          His beauty and dignity were thrown back in His face as He faced His accusers.  He let Himself be treated harshly and severely.  His tears and sweat mingled with His blood as He gave all of Himself to draw men back to the holy God.  He became a spectacle before all that exists; the angels were horrified, the heavenly courts were distressed, as God died for ungrateful and undeserving man.

          He carried the cross alone.  He walked the path of suffering alone.  No man cared for His soul.  He sorrowfully watched the tears of His afflicted mother drop to the earth at His feet.  Creation was aghast at such a sight!  Each step was a labor of love … God’s love for the world.

          To understand such a sacrifice, you must become very quiet before the majesty of God.  He reveals His heart to the reverent and the lowly.  He shares the cross with His most beloved children.  Those that palpate the heart of Jesus touch infinite love, a love from another realm.

          Love is not loved.  How lamentable!

        Sorrowful Savior

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