Tuesday, June 24, 2014

April 30, 2013

          “It is in the most little things in your life that My holy will becomes apparent.  Souls seek Me in the big occurrences, bypassing the daily graces and blessings.  “Lo, I am with you always …” means that I am watching you drive your car and brush your teeth and make that meal for your family.  I see you walking into church or holding the door for that person.  I watch you smile at strangers and clean the kitchen.  I am with you every second of your life.  If only My children could comprehend this great truth!  They would make every moment an eternal investment.

          To practice My presence at every moment of your life is to fall in love with Me over and over again.  We do everything together, as best friends do.  You have the greatest counselor to guide you, the wisest teacher to instruct you, the most patient parent to lead you by the hand.

          Avail yourself of My presence.  You have so few days remaining of this earthly life.  Make every second count for eternity.  Love, laugh, rejoice, trust.  Be eager to see what is coming around the bend in the road.  Make beautiful what appears to be monotonous.  Make exciting what appears to be drudgery, for you accomplish all things with the infinite and omnipotent God beside you and within you.

          You hear My voice.  This is a great gift not given to all in this capacity.  Rejoice, for you are chosen to be a greatly loved one.  Pray for your brothers and sisters in the world that have never experienced My nearness.  Shed My light upon all you meet in the world for they are imprisoned in the kingdom of darkness and cannot see the light.

          I love you and you love Me.  What greater blessing could be bestowed on your life.  We shall rejoice together eternally!”

Loving Presence

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