Tuesday, June 24, 2014

April 18, 2013

          “To overthink is not ‘to be’.  Your little dog doesn’t mull over his existence.  He just lives for what is put in front of him.  He has no plans, no agenda, not even any forethought.  He doesn’t regret yesterday’s actions or worry about his future security.  He just exists for the glory of God.  He is completely dependent upon God.  And God cares for him faithfully.

          Where has all this forethought and worry taken you?  Does regret serve a purpose other than to distract you from the present moment?

          My mother taught you a great secret years ago, although your understanding did not grasp its significance.  “Just be,” she told you in the depths of your heart.  Just exist for God’s glory as she did, a spectacle of grace hidden away in the heart of God.  My mother did not try to understand God’s plans for her; she daily accepted all things as from His kind hands.  She placed herself completely at His disposal to do with her all that He so desired.

          To exist for the glory of God is a beautiful existence.  It is orderly and peaceful, serene and untroubled.  It is a sailing ship on calm seas, gliding through the waves of life elegantly, untroubled by the storms.

          ‘Just be’ today all that you are.  Accept your weaknesses and your strengths, your circumstances and your past, your emotional currents, your surroundings.  Just rejoice in the state of life your Father has chosen for you, not explaining away His gifts and graces.  They were given to you to shine before others, that they will be attracted to God’s goodness.

          “To be comfortable in your own skin” is an earthly phrase that closely coincides with these heavenly inspirations.  Just be happy in the skin God has given you.  Have faith that all has been pre-planned by Him for your greatest good.

          Ponder the words “JUST BE” this day and the Holy Spirit will teach you the infinite truths contained in these simple words.”

Teacher of the Littlest Ones

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