Tuesday, June 24, 2014

April 25, 2013

          “Truly, Holy Mass is the fountain of life.  You come here to drink deeply of My Bodily Presence in the Eucharistic feast.  So few souls come to gather fresh water daily.  This water cleanses, refreshes and strengthens souls.  Without this water, thirsty souls shrivel up and die.  They are like the dead branches cast forth withering away.

          I am the great waterfall of righteousness.  I am the only cleansing fountain in the world.  Souls must run beneath My showering graces to be cleansed of their sinful ways, to be transformed into clean, pure, and holy saints.  I not only cleanse you, I feed you with a great feast on My holy mountain of love.  I satiate your soul, allowing you to live in peaceful contentment.

          I ministered to the woman of Samaria who met Me at the well.  Her life changed at that encounter.  Her sins, which were many, were forgiven her and she was cleansed and fed by My loving hand.  I am the living well of water waiting for souls to come to Me to be set free, purified and settled in holiness.

          The gushing waters flow continuously, beckoning the weary souls of the world.  I have all that a man would ever need to be happy, successful and glorified on earth as it is in heaven.  I await all who will come to Me. 

          Come, fill your buckets with My goodness.  Revel in the glorious bubbling fountains of holiness.  Swim in the ocean of the Holy Spirit’s love.

          Come, souls.  I await you hopefully.”

Fountain of Living Water

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