Tuesday, June 24, 2014

April 24, 2013

          “Love is truly as strong as death and is the binding force that fuses hearts.  My friends love Me with all their hearts even though they have never met me physically.  They do not even know the features of My face, yet they love Me deeply.  They have never heard My audible voice, yet they cherish My words as though they were the finest gold.  My friends have never seen My glory or touched My hands, yet they know that I am the gentle Shepherd leading them home to God.

          My friends trust me and honor My judgments.  They are content where My wisdom has placed them.  They obey Me joyously and quickly.  My friends love Me with every fiber of their heart.

          O My friends, what a feast I have prepared for you!  What eternal joys are waiting for you, world without end!  Though you blindly stumble through the dark of this world holding tightly to My hand, there will be a day of eternal light which will open before you and your eyes will see the land prepared for you from all eternity.

          Yet a little while and I will come for My own, for My sheep that hear My voice and obediently follow Me.  We will leave this world of night and step out into the light of forever.

          Be patient, My friends.  Fight the good fight in these dreary days of spirit battle.  I will be coming for you soon and you will be crowned with the victor’s palm of righteous living.  “You will walk with me in white, for you are worthy.”

Gentle Shepherd

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