Friday, June 13, 2014

March 8, 2013

          “Love is the summit of the mountain you are climbing to sanctity.  Sanctity is being in love with God.  God is love and can only love.  Love will bring you into the heart of God to be united with Him forever.

          To love God is the highest form of praise.  He seeks adorers who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.  These lovers of God fill heaven with exultant praise and glory.  They have become one with the lovely God and unite together in beautiful expressions of harmonious praise.

          God loves you as a father loves his child on earth, with a tender heart of sweetness toward His little ones.  He draws them to Himself with cords of love and kindness, showering His heavenly gifts upon their land – rain, wind, and sunshine.  God lovingly watches over His earthly men, desiring intimate fellowship with them, constantly calling them to His embrace.

          God is smiling at you all day long.  Can you lift your head and smile back at Him?  Can you thank Him for His kindness to your soul, so lovingly created?  Can you joyfully live out the life He has planned for you in obedience and humility?  Can you bring Him great honor and glory by keeping your lives pure and free from sin?  Can you follow Him faithfully because you love Him for who He is rather than what He can give you?  He has already given you all things by giving you your life breath.  Can you entrust all He has given you back into His loving hands?

          It is not hard to please God.  He is not a heavy taskmaster.  He is good, kind, and gentle.  He only wants your highest and best.

          Give yourself wholly to your loving Father who awaits the gift of your free will.  What a beautiful and glorious life you will live!  He will complete in you what He has envisioned from all eternity.  He awaits your consent.  Say ‘yes’ to God with a big smile on your face.”

The Holy Spirit,
God’s Voice of Love

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