Friday, June 13, 2014

March 13, 2013

          “Holy thoughts produce holy lives.  To dwell on the beautiful, the good, the honorable, the merciful things of earth grants God’s peace to souls of goodwill.  Do not let your mind wander into every pathway that you encounter.  Be vigilant to rein in your thoughts, to take every thought to the heart of Jesus.  The mind can control your spiritual development if you let it freely roam.  Give your mind to Me and let me think My thoughts in you.  In this way you will dwell in perfect peace, for I am the Master of all that exists.

          To draw ever nearer to Me you must surrender absolutely everything to Me.  Hold nothing back – your thoughts, your time, your bodily needs, your joys.  To be united to God is the greatest joy in life and this union only is granted to those who have surrendered all to God’s heart.

          Be impressionable with your God, like a stamped seal.  Let Him impress His image upon everything you do.  “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  In that nearness he will melt you as wax from a candle flame and He will form you into a perfect mold of Himself.  You will be Jesus walking in America today.

          The world needs to see the face of Jesus.  The world needs to hear His voice.  Give Jesus access to the world through your body.  Present your body as an offering to God to be used for His glory.  You will become a spectacle of grace and glory, admired by the angels and known to God’s heart as a replica of His beloved Son.

          The message is the same – all to Jesus, all for Jesus, all to redound to the glory of God Most High. Amen.”

The Whisperer,
Holy Spirit of God’s Breath

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